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June 2022
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A new hypothesis for the origin of African Anomaluridae and Graphiuridae (Rodentia)
Monique Vianey-Liaud and Jean-Jacques Jaeger
Keywords: Africa; Anomaluridae; Gliridae; Graphiuridae; Paleontology; PHYLOGENY; Rodentia

    A new hypothesis for the phylogenetic relationships of recent anomalurids and graphiurids is proposed, based on information from evolutionary lineages of Paleogene European rodents, particularly Gliridae, and Eocene Algerian Zegdoumyidae. Differences in first occurrences, in paleogeography, and in infraorbital structure in glirids (protrogomorphy and pseudomyomorphy) and graphiurids (hystricomorphy) separate Graphiuridae from Gliridae (Graphiurinae is here raised to family rank). Similar considerations, and dental morphology, suggest that Anomaluridae (appearing in the late Eocene) and Graphiuridae (appearing in the Pliocene) are related to early Eocene Zegdoumyidae. 

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Published in Vol. 25, Fasc. 2-4 (1996)