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June 2022
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La variabilité morphologique dentaire du Landenodon (Condylarthra) de Dormaal, (Eocène,Belgique)
Marc Godinot
Keywords: Condylarths; Dormaal; Early Eocene; Landenodon

    The study of dental variations in Landenodon from Dormaal (early Eocene, Belgium) shows that only one
    species is present in this locality : L. woutersi QUINET, 1968 (Condylarthra, Arctocyonidae, Arctocyoninae). A high morphological variability is described, especially concerning the metaconid of P/4, the paraconid of M/2, and some characters of M1/ which have been found to be independant of each other. This variability is discussed. 

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Published in Vol. 9, Ext (1980)