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The lower Miocene artiodactyls of Tagai bay, Olhon island, lake Baikal (Russia)
Inesa Vislobokova
Keywords: Artiodactyls; Mammals; Miocene; Siberia

    The mammalian fauna of the Tagai locality of Olhon Island in Lake Baikal contains six artiodactyls:
    Amphitragulus boulangeri, Lagomeryx parvulus, Stephanocemas sp., Palaeomeryx kaupi, Orygotherium aff. escheri, and Brachyodus intermedius. They are reported from Eastern Siberia for the first time. A description of teeth and limb-bones are given. An analysis of the systematic composition of the Tagai fauna allows it to be correlated with European faunas of the second part of the Early Miocene (Orleanian, MN 3-4) and permit suggestion of the existance of a united European-Siberian zoogeographical sub-area in the middle latitudes of Eurasia at that time. 

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Published in Vol. 23, Fasc. 1-4 (1994)