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June 2022
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Evolution de la lignée Megacricetodon collongensis-Megacricetotodon roussillonensis (Cricetidae, Rodentia, mammalia) au cours du Midocène inférieur et moyen dans le Sud de la France.
Jean-Pierre Aguilar
Keywords: Cricetids rodents; Evolutionary lineage; Lower and Middle Miocene; Mammalian biochronology; Megacricetodon new species; Southern France

    New populations of the genus Megacricetodon have recently been discovered in Southern France.Two new species are defined: M. lemartineli n. sp. and M. fournasi n. sp., their stages of evolution are intermediate between those of M. gersii and M. roussillonensis. Morphological and biometrical analysis indicate the presence of only one lineage: M. collongensis--M. collongensis-gersii--M. gersii--M.lemartineli nov. sp.--M. fournasi nov. sp. and M. roussillonensis. This observation allows to refine the chronology based on rodents, for the Late Early Miocene and the Middle Miocene in the Southern France.
    Comparisons with some iberian species are done. The validity of the French species M. bezianensis and M. bourgeoisi is discussed. 

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Published in Vol. 24, Fasc. 1-2 (1995)