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June 2022
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Rongeurs Miocènes dans le Valles-Penedes 2 : Les rongeurs de Castell de Barbera
Jean-Pierre Aguilar, Jordi Agusti and J. Gibert
Keywords: Castell de Barbera; Miocene; Rodents; Valles-Penedes

    The rodent-fauna (Cricetidae and Gliridae) recently found at Castell de Barbera (Spain) is similar to those from the other locslities of the Valles - Penedes - Can Ponsic 1 and Can Llobateres - : same composition and similar evolutionary level of the different species. On the other hand this fauna is different from those of Upper Vindobonian and Vallesian localities of the Calatayud - Teruel area. Castell de Barbera has an intermediate chronological position between the localities of Anwil (Switzerland) and Can Ponsic 1. It is still not possible to validate or invalidate the initial attribution based on absence of Hipparion of Castell de Barbera to the Upper Vindobonian. 

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Published in Vol. 09, Fasc. 1 (1979)