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June 2022
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Palaeovertebrata in press article

First report of Cylindracanthus (Osteichthyes) from the Eocene of India
Pankal Kumar, Rajeev Patnaik, Deepak Choudhary, Rohit Kumar and Wasim Abass Wazir
Keywords: Cylindracanthus; Eocene; histology; rostrum; Umarsar mine.

doi: 10.18563/pv.47.1.e2

Cite this article: Kumar P., Patnaik R., Choudhary D., Kumar R., Abass Wazir W., 2024. First report of Cylindracanthus (Osteichthyes) from the Eocene of India. Palaeovertebrata 47 (1)-e2. doi: 10.18563/pv.47.1.e2

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Fossils of the endangered sturgeons and peddlefishes are widely distributed. We here report for the first time the presence of one of the extinct osteichthyes genus Cylindracanthus (Liedy 1856a) from the Early Eocene lignite-bearing successions of the Kutch Basin, India. The present well preserved rostrum is characterised by numerous wedge-shaped components encircling the central canal that runs along its length, paired at the base and each wedge contributing to the formation of a ridge. The rostrum lacks teeth. The present find extends the palaeobiogeographical distribution of Cylindracanthus considerably and supports its Eocene age as dental remnants preserved in Cylindracanthus sp. shows a decrease in remanent dentition and tooth bases from the Cretaceous to the Eocene. Cylindracanthus is an useful palaeoenvironmental indicator as it has been found associated typically with deposits of nearshore marine environments. 

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