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June 2022
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Neue Beobachtungen zum Schädel-und Gebiss-Bau der Paulchoffatiidae (Multituberculata,Ober-Jura).
Gerhard Hahn
Keywords: Dentition; Paulchoffatiidae; Portugal; Skull structure; Upper Jurassic

    The ventral face of the Paulchoffatiinae skull (Multituberculata, Lower Kimmeridgian, Portugal) is new reconstructed. Some details hitherto unknown are added, as the presence of jugals, the structure of the palatine and the extension of the pterygoids. The situation of the m2/ is discussed. Kielanodon hopsoni n. g., n. sp. is erected, known by its upper p3-5/. From Guimarotodon leiriensis the mandible with its dentition is made known. New informations concerning the milk-dentition and the replacement of teeth are also added. 

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Published in Vol. 17, Fasc. 4 (1987)