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An unusual cranial fossil of the giant lower Pliocene shrew (Paranourosorex gigas Rzebik-Kowalska, 1975) from Podlesice, Poland
David L. Harrison and Barbara Rzebik-Kowalska
Keywords: Mammalia; Paranousorex gigas; Pliocene; Poland; Ruscinian; Soricidae

    A well-preserved anterior cranium of Paranourosorex gigas RZEBIK-KOWALSKA, 1975 from Podlesice, Poland, provides additional knowledge of this rare shrew, including almost complete maxillary dentition. The systematic status of this species as a relative of recent Anourosorex MILNE-
    EDWARDS, 1870 is confirmed 

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Published in Vol. 21, Fasc. 1-2 (1991)

Un giraffidae dans le pliocène de Montpellier ?
Claude Guérin
Keywords: Artiodactyla; France; Giraffidae; Mammalia; Montpellier; Ruscinian

    An upper giraffid premolar without any indication about its origin is preserved at the Montpellier University among numerous fossils from the ruscinian formation of Montpellier. It can be related to Samotherium, of the Upper Miocene in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia, or more probably to Bramatherium  or Hydaspitherium of the Pliocene of South East Asia. The sedimentological study of the matrix shows a calcareous background, which may indicate that this tooth does not come from the Montpellier formation. 

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Published in Vol. 16, Fasc. 3 (1986)