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Les mammifères Montiens de Hainin (Paléocène moyen de Belgique) Part III : Marsupiaux
Jean-Yves Crochet and Bernard Sigé
Keywords: Belgium; Marsupials; Paleobiogeography; Paleocene

    The oldest european marsupials are described from some specimens (isolated upper molars) recently found from the Hainin sediment (Middle Paleocene of Belgium). These fossils document a new species of the Peradectes genus. They give evidence of a much older occurrence of the marsupials in Europe than it was assumed. They allow us to postulate a didelphid dispersal from South America towards the western-holarctic area operating in two phases : the first one of the Peradectes genus at the end of the Cretaceous; the second one of the Didelphíni tribe at the end of the Paleocene. A central american crossing is likely for the first one,  whereas a transafrican way is tentatively argued for the second one. 

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Published in Vol. 13, Fasc. 3 (1983)