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Pronycticebus neglectus - an almost complete adapid primate specimen from the Geiseltal (GDR)
Urs Thalmann, Hartmut Haubold and Robert D. Martin
Keywords: Adapiformes; Eocene; Paleoecology; PHYLOGENY; Pronycticebus neglectus

    In the course of the current revision of adapid primates from the Eocene Geiseltal, an almost complete specimen was found in the Geiseltal Museum collections. The fossil, the most complete adapid specimen so far discovered in Europe, has been determined as Pronycticebus neglectus n. sp.
    Ecology and locomotion as well as the likely phylogenetic position within the infraorder Adapiformes are discussed. 

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Published in Vol. 19, Fasc. 3 (1989)