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June 2022
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Cricetid and arvicolid rodents of the California wash local fauna, late Blancan of the san Pedro Valley, Arizona.
Cristiana Mezzabotta
Keywords: Arvicolidae; Blancan; Cenozoic; Cricetidae; Mammals

    An assemblage of micromammals is reported from California Wash, a fossil bearing continental deposit in the San Pedro Valley, Arizona, late Blancan in age. Cricetid and Arvicolid rodents are richly represented, including four and two species, respectively. This study mainly focuses on Sígmodon, the most abundant form. The sample of Sigmodon is compared to samples of the same genus from other localities of the San Pedro Valley of comparable age, and some inferences on the taxonomy of the genus are attempted. The specimens are referred to Sigmodon minor and Sigmodon cf. S. curtisi. Other cricetids (Onychomys pedroensis and Baiomys brachygnathus) and arvicolids (Mictomys vetus and Ondatra ídahoensis) are also recognized and described. 

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Published in Vol. 26, Fasc. 1-4 (1997)