November 1974
Vol. 06, Fasc. 1-2
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Print ISSN: 0031-0247
Online ISSN: 2274-0333
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PalaeovertebrataVol. 06, Fasc. 1-2:87-108. 1974
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Les Entélodontes des phosphorites du quercy
Michel Brunet
Keywords: Entelodontes; Quercy phosphorites

Cite this article: Brunet M., 1974. Les Entélodontes des phosphorites du quercy. Palaeovertebrata 6 (1-2): 87-108.


The entelodonts of the Quercy phosphorites are essentially known from isolated teeth. The skull remains attributed to Entelodon magnum by Kowalewsky in 1876 and the type left mandible of Enteladon depereti RÉPELIN, 1918 do not belong to this family. From a morphologic point of view, the teeth from Quercy are quite comparable to those from the type localities of E. magnum and E. deguilhemi. In the absence of distinctive anatomical criteria between E. magnum (small species from the level of Ronzon) and E. deguilhemi (large species from the level of Villebramar) they are referred, according to their size, to one or the other of these two species. However, some of them are intermediate in size. Their existence speaks in favor of a close relationship between E. magnum and E. deguilhemi and confers a real stratigraphic interest to these entelodonts of Western Europe. Finally, some anatomical characters (notch on the mesial border of P4, presence of a paraconid joined to the metaconid, trigonid higher than talonid) considered until now as peculiar to the North American Archaeotherium and not yet cited in its European contemporary Entelodon have been brought to light on the teeth from Quercy.


Published in Vol. 06, Fasc. 1-2 (1974)