February 1971
Vol. 04, Fasc. 3
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Print ISSN: 0031-0247
Online ISSN: 2274-0333
Frequency: biannual

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Palaeovertebrata Vol. 04, Fasc. 3:February 1971

Table of contents


Etude de la Variabilité chez Lophiodon lautricense Noulet
Jean Sudre
Keywords: Cheek teeth; Eocene; Lophiodon; variability

doi: 10.18563/pv.4.3.67-95

    The biometric and morphologie variability of the cheek teeth in the end-of-the-phylum species Lophiodon lautricense Noulet studied in this note, reposes on the observation of about 800 teeth. These were revealed to be little variable in absolute dimensions. The considerable morphologie variability in the upper premolars permitted the problem of the molarization process to be taken up. An hypothesis concerning the order of eruption of the cheek teeth is formulated based on an examination of a large number of milk dentitions. In conclusion, it is suggested that reservations be held on the value of dental characters classically used in systematics for the group under consideration. 

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