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June 2022
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Palaeovertebrata in press article

Dortokid turtle remains from the Upper Cretaceous of Cruzy (Hérault, southern France) and phylogenetic implications
Haiyan Tong, Eric Buffetaut and Julien Claude
Keywords: Cruzy; Dortoka vasconica; France; Late Cretaceous; Turtle

doi: 10.18563/pv.45.2.e3

Cite this article: Tong H., Buffetaut E., Claude J., 2022. Dortokid turtle remains from the Upper Cretaceous of Cruzy (Hérault, southern France) and phylogenetic implications
 . Palaeovertebrata 45 (2)-e3. doi: 10.18563/pv.45.2.e3

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An isolated right costal 1 from the Late Cretaceous Massecaps locality (Cruzy, Hérault, southern France) is assigned to Dortoka vasconica (Dortokidae). This find adds a new element to the Late Cretaceous turtle fauna of Cruzy and further supports the hypothesis that two distinct lineages of Dortokidae were present in Europe during the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene due to geographical isolation.

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